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The JCU is a unit that operates within the legal division of the Southern African Institute for Policy and Development. Following in the footsteps of similar initiatives in other regions, the JCU provides commentaries on select judgments of terminal courts (and in exceptional cases, non-terminal courts) in the Southern African Region. The purpose of the unit is to raise the discourse around the jurisprudence of these important courts and in so doing, stimulate debate on topics of legal significance and relevance.

Each commentary aims to: (a) clarify and interpret the decision; (b) survey the development of the area of law impacted by the decision; (c) identify any uncertainties and gaps created by the decision; and (d) provide a commentary on the wider socio-political and economic implications of the judicial decision in question.

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The ultimate goal of the JCU is to comment on judgments from a wide sampling of terminal courts in the region. To sustainably arrive at this objective, the JCU will expand its scope incrementally. This inaugural volume deals only with Zambian jurisprudence. In Volume II, the JCU will expand its reach to one or more other jurisdictions, and as time goes by, continue its expansion program until the majority of regional terminal courts are covered. The current editorial board can be found here, as can their bios here.


The JCU will publish its commentaries twice a year: in January and in July.



Maano alazwa amukasumbwa

Translation: "Wisdom may be found through observation of even the simplest things"

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