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COVID-19 Survey in Zambia: This study is part of a larger project on COVID-19 response in Malawi and Zambia, Developing a Locally Rooted Approach to COVID-19 Response, based at the Swedish research institute, Governance and Local Development (GLD).  The study on COVID-19 response in Zambia is a collaborative effort by GLD and the Southern African Institute for Policy and Research (SAIPAR). SAIPAR is an independent, research and development-oriented research center based in Zambia.  Please find insights on: Trust in AuthoritiesPrecautionary BehavioursResponse to Illness, and Covid-19 Fears.

Investigating ‘pockets of effectiveness’ in developing countries: a new route to building state capacity for development (

Political Institutions in Africa (in conjunction with University of Bergen and University of California (

Political settlements and urban governance: the role of capital cities (in conjunction with University of Manchester

Adjust, resist or disband? The effect of political repression on civil society organizations in Bangladesh and Zambia (in conjunction with University of Amsterdam), policy brief found at

Coordinating Climate Finance: Lessons from Zambia, policy brief found at

 Book Project: 

T. Banda, M. Hinfelaar, O. Kaaba and  M. Ndulo Democracy and electoral politics in Zambia (forthcoming Africa Study Centre, Brill Publishers, Leiden)  To be published in 2020 by:

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