Southern African Institute for Policy and Research


SAIPAR runs long-term programmes that generally tend to cut across and go beyond the institute’s five thematic research clusters, namely: 1) Law, Justice, Governance, and Human Rights; 2) Economics, Development, and Social Change; 3) Conflict Transformation; 4) Natural Resources and the Environment; and 5) Science and Technology.

A common feature about all of SAIPAR’s programmes is that they all contribute towards improved policy-making in that they support the development and dissemination of quality research and publications and also facilitate interdisciplinary capacity building, dialogue, and sensitisation. SAIPAR’s unique approach in developing its programmes involves thus identifying projects that speak to the institute’s core values, mission, and vision, and then organically growing these projections into fully fledged, long-standing institutional programmes that support the institute’s long-term aspirations.

SAIPAR is currently running three long-term programmes, namely: the Affiliation Programme; the Capacity Building Programme; and the Cornell Summer Programme.

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