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Current Affiliates

Cynthia Kamwengo :

Cynthia Kamwengo

Cynthia is a part-time lecturer in Development Studies at Sylva University in Lusaka. She is interested in carrying out research examining whether the Zambian government is using development assistance from non-traditional donors such as China, Brazil and India towards achieving national development priorities. Her interest in this area was developed whilst conducting research for her Master’s thesis entitled “A comparative study of Chinese and Brazilian development assistance to African countries”. At SAIPAR, Cynthia is a researcher on the Mobile Money project.
Hillary Waters :

Hillary Waters

Hillary is a Fulbright Fellow and PhD Candidate in Geography, Environment and Society at the University of Minnesota. Her research examines the development of knowledge and technology pertaining to urban environments in Zambia.
James Chamberlain :

James Chamberlain

James is currently studying towards a PhD in Politics at the University of Sheffield. His thesis is entitled ‘The Political Economy of Development in the Context of Decreasing Aid Dependency and “Neoliberal Crisis”: The Case of Zambia’, and seeks to assess the extent to which the Zambian state has sought to reorient its development strategy away from the neoliberal agenda promoted by Western donors, whilst examining the possibilities and obstacles for the emergence of a form of Developmental State. His broad research interests are based around a political economy approach to a variety of interrelated topics: neoliberalism, development, African states, globalisation, and global governance. James has a BA in International History and International Politics and an MA in Politics with Research Methods, both obtained from the University of Sheffield.
Maria Klara Kuss :

Maria Klara Kuss

Maria Klara is a PhD fellow with the United Nations University MERIT’s Graduate School of Governance at Maastricht University.  She specialises in Social Policy and Social Protection, Governance and Gender mainstreaming. With an academic background in Social Work and Governance & Development, her current research interests bridge the fields of social and political science with a strong focus on social protection and state-society relations in sub-Saharan Africa.

Maria's PhD research seeks to explore the political dynamics that have produced Zambia’s first national social cash transfer policy as well as its likely implications for Zambia’s political settlement. Her research builds on her long-term experience of working and living in Zambia both as a practitioner and academic. Specifically, it has been inspired by her involvement in the UNICEF funded research project “the Wider Impacts of Social Protection in Zambia” carried out at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex.
Cynthia Matare :

Cynthia Matare

Cynthia is a post-doc researcher from Cornell University. She will be with us for one year. Her research will explore issues around women’s time allocation and perceived time stress, in an effort to understand how these may impact the uptake and effective utilization of agriculture, nutrition and health interventions targeting infants and young children. She hopes that this research will enable organizations to consider women’s time use as an important part of planning, implementing and evaluating their programs. Her research will take place in Lundazi and Chadiza districts.

Maano alazwa amukasumbwa

Translation: "Wisdom may be found through observation of even the simplest things"

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