Southern African Institute for Policy and Research

Cornell Summer Program

The SAIPAR/Cornell University Summer Program was established in 2013 order to facilitate international academic exchange, to develop academic and scientific relationships, and is also in support of collaborative research activities Cornell University and SAIPAR.

The overall Cornell Summer Program objectives are

1) to develop the capacity of Cornell students to apply their previous academic knowledge to their field experience in Lusaka to fully understand the multidisciplinary nature of global health and labor relations, and

2) to provide opportunities for the cultivation of relationships between Cornell students, Zambian students, SAIPAR staff, and Zambian home stay families. The primary activity toward this objective will be the development of an 8-week summer program to develop students’ ability to effectively research health- and policy-related topics and contribute to SAIPAR’s mission of cultivating research and dialogue around policy-oriented issues.

A home stay program will further enhance cross-cultural exchange and the development of relationships.


Maano alazwa amukasumbwa

Translation: "Wisdom may be found through observation of even the simplest things"

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